‘Estela’ is Spanish for a ‘wake’, a trail left in the water after a boat has passed.  This is where I got the inspiration for this cowl. Scroll lace and cables provide motion reminiscent of flowing water after it has been disturbed by a passing vessel. Slipped stitches provide texture like sea foam or rocks along the beach.  This pattern has a really fun flow to it. I really enjoyed developing this and making all the iterations up to this point.


This project is particularly meaningful to me since in a way it’s somewhat of a culmination of what I’ve learned in my first several months of knitting. I found that I love knitting in the round, especially cowls. I also love playing with textures and seeing movement in the stitches. Currently, I have people test knitting my pattern so that I can release it to the public.  I’m very excited for this and hope others will be too.